Our Team


Jack first discovered his love for goats after visiting a goat dairy in Northern California with his sister in high school. Shortly thereafter, he began procuring fresh goat milk and making his own cheeses at home while working at a startup in Palo Alto. Quickly finding himself drawn to cheesemaking more than anything else, Jack decided to purchase his own goats and move to Stepladder Ranch to take over his grandfather’s ranch operations and build a creamery. Michelle's background is in event planning and wineries. She moved to the Central Coast to attend Cal Poly and never left. Jack and Michelle met during the inception phase of the creamery and have been managing the ranch together ever since.

Meet our Team

  • Adi Altamirano

    Adi Altamirano

    Bay Area Market Crew

  • Ainsley Tharp

    Ainsley Tharp

    Bay Area Market Crew

  • Alfonso De Alba

    Alfonso De Alba

    Production Crew

  • Brooke Souza

    Brooke Souza

    Bay Area Market Manager

  • Cece & Mynor

    Cece & Mynor

    LA Market Crew

  • Dan Miller

    Dan Miller

    Production Crew

  • Farrah Hoover

    Farrah Hoover

    Herd Assistant

  • Harley App

    Harley App

    Production Crew

  • Joshua Johnson

    Joshua Johnson

    Bay Area Market Crew

  • Luis Mercado

    Luis Mercado

    Production Crew

  • Noor Al-Samarrai

    Noor Al-Samarrai

    Bay Area Market Crew

  • Roberto Fabela Sanchez

    Roberto Fabela Sanchez

    Production Crew

  • Robin Proffitt

    Robin Proffitt


  • Ryan Aikens

    Ryan Aikens

    Director of Operations

  • Sophie Worthington

    Sophie Worthington

    Herd Manager

  • Vinny Novoa

    Vinny Novoa

    Production Crew

  • Whitney Buswell

    Whitney Buswell

    Herd Assistant