Bella is a beautiful young doe who was born on the ranch on March 3, 2019. Her mom, Tigerlily (now retired) was one of the feistiest does we have ever had in the herd and held a very high ranking in the complex herd hierarchy. Unlike her mother, Bella is a very mild-mannered, docile doe who seems to get along well with everyone.

Bella the goat

She seems to most enjoy quiet afternoons munching on grass with an occasional playful romp into the hills during one of the herd’s regular walks. She also loves to be in the first group up for milking in the morning, so uses her small size and agile nature to sneak up on the stand between the bigger, more experienced does.


While most of our other does are named after their goat mothers, Bella was named after her human mother - our 1st ever Cal Poly intern of the same name who helped bottle feed the kids and selected her favorite baby goat when we suggested we name one of the kids after her! Now the goat Bella has a few kids of her own - she delivered 2 kids (1 buckling and 1 doeling) on March 13, 2022. We are planning on adding Bella’s daughter to our milking herd next year and will plan on keeping up with the tradition of naming the kids after their human caretaker!

Bella and her babies

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