Kimchi is a spirited young doe who was born on the ranch on March 6, 2019. She is extremely friendly and loves to get a good scratch whenever she finds us out in the pasture. She is also quite playful and generally loves to frolic through the pasture when we take the herd on their regular walks up the hillside. 

kimchi the goat

She seems to especially love leaping off the highest rocks and ridges she can find, and often acts like a young goat kid when there are heights to be conquered. Her favorite spot to rest is on the highest hay bale in the barn (which we like to stack in a pyramid formation for the goat’s enjoyment), where she will often take a nice long nap and watch the other does bicker amongst themselves. 

kimchi laying in the pen

She is one of the does from the “pickled foods” lineage. Her mom Dill retired from milking two years ago, but not before birthing Kimchi and her sister Pickle. Kimchi is as zesty as her namesake and is certainly not a doe to be trifled with. She is generally easy-going, but will not put up with any guff from the other does if any of them try to start something. This has earned her a place of respect in the herd that gives her access to the best sleeping spots in the barn and access to the head of the queue during milking season. 

kimchi with her babies

Kimchi was paired up with Steve during the 2021 birthing season and delivered 2 kids on March 16, 2022. We are planning on keeping her daughter this year, and will be looking for names for the little darling soon - keep an eye on our social media to input your selection for our next pickled lady.

kimchi the goat

Kimchi and 9 of her friends in the herd are available for symbolic adoption through our Sponsor a Goat program. All sales go directly toward the overall health and wellbeing of the herd so we can continue to provide them with a "dairy goat princess" lifestyle. This lifestyle allows them ample space for foraging and grazing, a healthy diet and pasture playtime. This lifestyle translates into some of the best quality and tasting goat's milk for cheesemaking (hence our 2022 award winning Clothbound Goat Cheddar)! 

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