As a farmstead creamery, we raise our goats on the farm and make cheese from their milk, which allows us to manage every aspect of our cheese production.

Our herd of 70 goats graze on three acres of open pasture and oak woodlands and are protected by our dedicated Anatolian Shepherds, Lily and Gus.

Our herd consists of all registered LaManchas, the only breed of goats developed in the United States, notable for their tiny ears. We begin breeding in the fall and the kids (babies!) arrive between February and April.

Alexis goat Alexis
Amaranth the goat Amaranth
Bella the goat Bella
Betty Lou the goat Betty Lou
Cara Cara the goat Cara Cara
Carolina the goat Carolina
Chanel the goat Chanel
Cheerio the goat Cheerio
Curry the goat Curry
Dahlia the goat Dahlia
Fennel the goat Fennel
Flower the goat Flower
Gabriella the goat Gabriella
Heather the goat Heather
Hollyhock the goat with her babies Hollyhock
Kimchi the goat Kimchi
Kraut the goat Kraut
Laelia the goat Laelia
Lana the goat Lana
Lavender the goat Lavender
Louise the goat Louise
Lupine the goat Lupine
Manzanita the goat Manzanita
Mary Anne the goat Mary Anne
Mugwort the goat Mugwort
Nebula the goat Nebula
Olga the goat Olga
Orchid the goat Orchid
Paprika the goat Paprika
Peggy Sue the goat Peggy Sue
Pickle the goat Pickle
Poppy the goat Poppy
Relish the goat Relish
Sabina the goat Sabina
Saffron the goat Saffron
Sesame the goat Sesame
Sorrel the goat Sorrel
Stephanie the goat Stephanie
Stevie the goat Stevie
Thelma the goat Thelma
Turmeric the goat Turmeric
Vanilla the goat Vanilla
Wanda the goat Wanda
Zelda the goat Zelda

Meet the Stepladder Bucks

The bucks play an important role when it comes to breeding season on the Stepladder farm. We typically keep 1-2 bucks on the property full-time, and bring a few others on site during breeding season to keep the lineages fresh. See below for our most up to date roster of testosterone-fulled bucks!

Smooth Criminal - Buck Smooth Criminal Veteran Buck
Lilikoi, the newest buckling Lilikoi Buckling
Lyon - LaMancha mini buck Lyon Mini Buck
Steve the buck Steve Veteran Buck