In each box, you'll receive 3-4 of our own unique farmstead goat and cow milk cheeses (1.5 lbs. in each delivery) along with corresponding tasting notes and a recipe from our very own cheesemaker, Robin. We include a special, exclusive Cheese Club release in every shipment!

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what's inside the next shipment

August Cheese Club Release

Watch the video to learn more about this shipment featuring Ragged Point, Everything Bagel Fromage Blanc, LumberJack and the exclusive cheese offering, 1-Year Aged Cabrillo.

More About the August Shipment

For this exclusive Cheese Club offering, we took our classic Spanish-style Cabrillo and aged for over 14 months. That’s it. Simple, delicious, and effective.

It’s actually one of our first handmade batches from 2020 that’s been aging in our caves and is three times older than our year-round Cabrillo cheese offering. Through the aging process, the blend of goat and cow milk in Cabrillo concentrates into bigger, bolder flavors with even more tyrosine crystals forming. Did you know that tyrosine is metabolized to produce dopamine in the human brain?! Also, as more lactose breaks down with aging it sharpens the cheese with higher lactic acid content.

We’re excited about this cheese because we know it can mature well past the two year mark. This means any uncut wheels of the batch will continue to age in our caves and we can release them to our members next year as part of a quarterly shipment or as a member-exclusive purchase on our online store - It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

The rich, nutty character of the original Cabrillo is heightened in this limited release. Similarly to Cabrillo, we suggest pairing it with a crisp white wine or Pinot Noir, almonds, sun-dried tomatoes and figs.

Remember, joining the Cheese Club is the only way to guarantee you can get these allocations of special release and exclusive offerings.