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In each shipment, you'll receive 3-4 of our own unique farmstead goat and cow milk cheeses (1.5 lbs. in each delivery) along with access to corresponding tasting notes, featured recipe and behind-the-scenes content.

We include a special, exclusive or limited-release cheese in every shipment as well.

Quarterly Shipment Schedule: February, May, August and November.

Give the Gift of Cheese

Give the gift of cheese to your favorite cheese lover. That's four shipments per membership - truly the gift that keeps on giving! Just add the recipient's name and address at checkout along with your payment information. There's also a spot for a gift note.

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Just in time for the holidays, be sure to sign up and receive the November '22 Cheese Club shipment.

This shipment features Big Sur, Paso Vino, Cabrillo and introducing Marinated Labneh.

Labneh is a Mediterranean yogurt style soft cheese. Ours is made with local cow's milk and the cheese balls are lightly rolled in a Za'atar spice blend then marinated in local olive oil with lemon zest. Talk about flavor!

Labneh is only available in the November Cheese Club shipment, so sign up today and enjoy this exciting creamery creation.

Shipping Monday, Nov. 7, 2022.

More about past shipments

The August '22 shipment featured Ventana, a variation of our year-round offering, Cabrillo, made with 100% farmstead goat's milk. This cheese was inspired after a conversation with Janet Fletcher, cheese lover and owner of the Planet Cheese blog. The shipment also included Ragged Point, Spicy Fromage Blanc and Moonstone.

The May '22 shipment included one of the creamery's most exciting releases. Rocky Butte Reserve was a 2-year aged hard cheese made with 100% farmstead goats milk. The aging process gave this cheese a beautiful orange color, which is drastically different from our seasonal Rocky Butte that's a milky white color. Rocky Butte Reserve was accompanied by Big Sur, Chèvre and LumberJack in this goat-forward shipment.

Back by popular demand was Burning Love in the February '22 shipment along with Moonstone, Marinated Fromage Blanc and Paso Vino.

The November '21 Cheese Club shipment included Big Sur, Curried Fromage Blanc, Cabrillo and 2-Year Aged Clothbound Cheddar. Clothbound Cheddar is a cow's milk hard cheese aged for two years in our cheese caves.

The August '21 shipment featured Cabrillo Reserve. For this exclusive, we took our classic Spanish-style goat's and cow's milk blended Cabrillo and aged it for over 14 months in our aging caves. That's 3x older than our year-round Cabrillo cheese offering! Through the aging process, the blend of goat's and cow's milk is concentrated into bigger, bolder flavors and even more delicious tyrosine crystals.

The May '21 shipment featured Iberico. Iberico is a riff on Cabrillo but made with a blend of sheep and cow's milk then aged for 18 months.

The February '21 shipment featured Burning Love, a cow's milk triple crème moulded into a lovely heart shape and dusted with spices.

Remember, joining the Cheese Club is the only way to guarantee you can get these allocations of special release and exclusive offerings.